Reconstruct Pump Station

Project Details

  • Date: March 25, 2015
  • Tags: Water & Wastewater

Project Title: Reconstruct Pump Station
Agency: Cayucos Sanitary District
Location: Cayucos, CA

Project Description:
This project involved the construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station at a depth of 25’+, appurtenant pipelines and subsequent demolition of the existing facilities. The scope also included a 1,000′ x 16″ directional bore of a wetlands area for a transmission force main.

Construction took place within a coastal environmentally sensitive wetland area, tidal zone and was adjacent to popular beach day-use area. It was also in an established high-end residential neighborhood. The location required significant environmental impact mitigations as well as extra efforts to ensure the resident’s and public’s safety and convenience.

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