Centerbore Streetlight Replacement

Project Details

  • Date: September 14, 2016
  • Tags: Electrical Distribution

Project Title:  Centerbore Streetlight Replacement
Agency:  Pacific Gas and Electric
Location:  Harford Pier, Port San Luis

Project Description: 
This project called out to replace 7 centerbore street lights on the Harford Pier in Port San Luis. Our team was met with a variety of challenges due to the location of the existing street lights attached over the water on an active pier.  To have the least amount of impact to the commercial fishing operations, restaurants, and tourists, it was decided to set the working hours during the night to allow flow of traffic in the day time.  The design of this project called for us to have custom stainless steel hardware fabricated, which proved to be a bit more time consuming in order to ensure all proper hardware was available and used.  To remove and set the new poles, the team used a backyard machine to help maintain a small work space on the pier for no traffic impact.  In addition to  our lineman having to hang from the bottom of the pier while they worked, they also had to anticipate tide conditions.  Utilizing their collaborative problem solving skills and hard work, this project was successfully completed in 4 nights.  Our crew did a fantastic job and both our customer and the Port of San Luis were extremely satisfied with the execution of this project from start to finish.



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