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MGE maintains a full-time safety department with dedicated electrical and civil safety specialists whose recommendations become top priorities for the entire company.  As part of an overriding commitment to safety, the company actively participates in safety forums with major customers to improve standards industry-wide.

MGE’s safety philosophy embraces positive reinforcement and a real commitment to the company’s core values.  From the first day an employee sets foot on MGE property, they are immersed in the company’s culture.  And safety is the core component of that culture.  It is integrated into each and every aspect of MGE’s operations.  Safety representatives conduct daily loss prevention observations that focus on opportunities for improvement in addition to immediate corrective and positive feedback.

A thorough understanding of the importance of safety is something that starts at the top and works its way throughout the organization.  Ultimately, every MGE employee knows they are accountable for their own safety, the safety of their fellow workers, and the safety of the general public.

A real commitment to employees, customers, and the public.

The goal of MGE’s safety program is straightforward – bring every employee home safe and injure-free, every single day.  MGE’s culture and safety philosophy require it to constantly practice and improve safety procedures.  The result of that effort can be seen in the consistent downward trend of MGE’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which sits at an enviable .61 for 2018.



A day away from work to focus on what matters most.

Every year MGE halts all field and office operations for a day, and brings employees together for an event called Safety Day.  Shutting down the entire company is an expensive proposition, but MGE sees it as an essential investment in the company’s principal asset – its people.  While the major focus is on advancing safety knowledge, Safety Day is an important opportunity to strengthen MGE’s unique corporate culture and ensures that all employees share the company’s value-added mindset.

“We really care about our culture.  That’s a huge thing.  We really care about each other and keeping everyone safe.  We care about how we function, how we communicate with one another, how we present ourselves to the public, and the quality of service we provide to our customers.” – Ryan Smith, Director of Safety & Health

Watch this video about our Annual Safety Day.


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