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The success of any construction project depends on effective project management. We believe our Project Managers and Engineers are the best in the business and we invest in advanced technology to help them be as efficient as possible.

We utilize HCSS Heavybid and Heavyjob systems to deliver maximum performance and transparency in our project management operations.  The process starts with an electronic estimate utilizing the most current resource costs available. Before work starts, the estimate is converted to an active project, where all estimate information is available to the project team, including Foremen.

The Foremen utilize laptop computers or tablets to report their daily production and resource utilization.  The Foreman submits their electronic daily work report to project management where it’s reviewed for accuracy and any discrepancies are addressed. With the production data coming in daily, we’re able to invoice the client weekly and communicate any changes immediately, not weeks or months later.

A key to this system is that our Foreman can see day by day whether they’re ahead or behind schedule and budget as compared to the estimate.  This information empowers them to make adjustments to his project approach daily.  This ownership in project success at the field level is a key differentiator for MGE.

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