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We have a clear understanding that what’s good for the customer is also good for the company.

In addition to safety, loss prevention and quality assurance are everyone’s responsibility at MGE.  The quality of work is a direct reflection of the quality of our workforce.  Knowledge is shared through a variety of mediums including videos, on-site coaching, daily tailboard meetings and weekly safety meetings held in every yard.  Information gathered from all field activities and feedback from the weekly meeting helps to formulate policies and best practices.  Our employees are mentors, and they go to work every day with a mission to train their replacement and take pride in each others’ accomplishments.

MGE employs self inspection to achieve our goal of zero call backs.  The crews utilize construction completion checklists in the field in addition to quality audits performed by management and foremen to ensure adherence to customer standards.  Information gathered is used to measure trends, adjust and develop Standard Operating Procedures, as well as identify deficiencies in training.  Weekly reports are reviewed by management and corrective actions implemented.  MGE’s commitment to Integrity and Continuous Development demands that we guarantee our product and capitalize on opportunity for improvement.

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