Safety is the primary obligation we have to our employees, clients and the general public. There are many potential hazards inherent to the work we do, and we believe that Safety is the keystone to our operations. SAFETY COMES BEFORE PRODUCTION.

Safety is instilled initially during our new hire orientation and  buddy system. It is then reinforced through Behavior Based Safety feedback, daily JSAs (Job Safety Analysis) meetings, weekly safety meetings and annual trainings.

Behavior Based Safety
MGE’s Safety Director oversees our Behavior Based Safety (BBS) management program. BBS is a process founded in behavioral science, which integrates employee driven systems to:

1. Identify critical behaviors
2. Observe performance
3. Give feedback
4. Use observational data to define improvement targets.

The correct and frequent use of feedback is the dominant factor in BBS. Safe behavior is reinforced through positive feedback, and at-risk behavior is corrected though constructive feedback. Since positive feedback is more powerful then negative feedback, we work to reinforce safe behaviors at a level 2-4 times that of constructive feedback.

We believe continuous feedback is the most effective way to foster employee discretionary effort, which is our competitive advantage in terms of safety and quality.

The number-one goal of our safety program is shared by all employees, and is one that we will only achieve as a team, that is ZERO ACCIDENTS.

Watch our 2015 Annual Safety Training Day Video!


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