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See what our valued customers have to say about our service.


“During a recent Rule 20A undergrounding project in the City of Arroyo Grande, we ran into several challenges with coordination of the participating utility companies.  Fortunately, many of the challenges were overcome, in large part due to the staff of MGE Underground and the general contractor hired by PG&E.  The MGE staff were instrumental with the necessary project coordination between the three different undergrounding contractors hired by the separate utility companies.  Finally, the MGE staff were alert to impacts on the adjoining property owners and businesses and resolved problems quickly and professionally.  I sincerely appreciated the pride in workmanship and personal responsibility taken by MGE staff on this difficult and complex project.”
-Geoff English, Director of Public Works, City of Arroyo Grande


“By the way, I want to thank you, Sean, Max, Michaeljoe and anybody else at MGE I’m missing who has helped the City of Paso Robles this year.  You guys provide excellent service and do good work with minimal disruption to our customers.  I am grateful to have such a good underground contractor right here in Paso Robles.”
-Matt Thompson, P.E., City of Paso Robles Wastewater Manager


“I wish to commend the Public Works Department for contracting MGE Underground to install the new drain system.  I have nothing but praise for MGE and the crew that accomplished the difficult task with tremendous professionalism, efficiency and concern.  MGE’s crew was perfect for the task.  They were knowledgeable, skillful and extremely sensitive towards the residents of our street.  This is an unsolicited letter.  I simply believe that the work that was accomplished deserves acknowledgement.  Thanks to MGE Underground for jobs well done.”
-Dale Lauderdale, Santa Barbara Private Resident


“It is really inspiring to see a group of professional men dedicated to their work and not the usual group of “good ol’ boys” who are milking a job of their foreman’s time.  Again, kudos to everybody and keep up the great work.”
-Blake Fixler, Paso Robles Private Resident


“I have been in the construction business for over 30 years, worked all trades, and I have to say that I was very impressed with your crew.  Furthermore, as the owner of this property, what was otherwise an inconvenient experience for us and our business was on the other hand, made much better by the expertise and very professional workmen that your firm had doing the work.   All your men were very polite and considerate in addition to being competent and obviously experienced in operators.  The work was handled safely, in a timely manner, and with precision on their part.  I don’t know all the names of your onsite crew, but of special note is Travis Leopard and Mike Wood.  I really can’t say enough good about them.  My thanks to them and you.  I will be more than happy to recommend you and your crew to anyone in the future just let me know.  Thanks again for the good job, well done!”
-Vince Lavorgna, Lavorgna Construction, Ramada Self Storage

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