River Road Trunk Sewer

Project Details

  • Date: March 25, 2015
  • Tags: Water & Wastewater

Project Title: River Road Trunk Sewer and Reclaimed Water Line
Agency: City of Paso Robles
Location: Paso Robles, CA

Project Description:
This $6.1 million project entailed the replacement of an aging sewer interceptor with 9,300′ of new 30″ and 36″ PVC and vitrified clay pipe, with 38 new manholes. The sewer main was installed at depths of up to 24′ below grade. During the design phase, the City hired MGE to perform subsurface utility profiling on high priority utilities in the area, using vacuum potholing. The project was then designed to avoid conflicts with these lines, which allowed construction to proceed without complications.

Other Items of Note:

  • 2,100′ of 24″ ductile iron reclaimed water main
  • Removal and replacement of approx. 2 miles of asphalt roadway
  • 8 months of continuous sewer bypass, 2 millions gallons per day with 100% redundancy, running 24 hours
  • Engineered a process of treating the native soils to suitability for backfill, saving 50,000 cubic yards of export/import
  • Controlled density fill to develop adequate bearing capacity in VCP
  • Utilized laser controlled excavator for accurate grades, bedding conveyor system for efficient bedding delivery in a narrow right-of-way.
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