Madera Rule 20a

Project Details

  • Date: March 25, 2015
  • Tags: Electrical Distribution

Project Title: Madera Rule 20A
Agency: Pacific Gas & Electric
Location: Madera, CA

Project Description:
The Madera Rule 20A project required the installation of up to 15 ducts from 4″ to 6″ in diameter, all within a single joint trench. The separation requirements from the power ducts and the communications ducts, coupled with the trench alignment down a narrow alley way laden with existing utilities, gave MGE the opportunity to merge the knowledge of our field management with the knowledge of our project management which ultimately minimized delays and reduced costs. Although the telecommunications agency did not have final design at the start of construction, the combined efforts and cooperation from the contractor, communication agency, power agency and the City kept the project, which had a total of 3,500′ of joint trench, on schedule. During construction, MGE proposed utilizing HDD to install the new ducts under two 54″ irrigation lines that crossed the trench alignment resulting in a cost savings. At completion, MGE installed a total of 6,866′ of 4″ telephone conduit, 4,664′ of 2″ cable conduit, 3,267′ of 6″ primary power conduit, 1,504′ of 4″ primary power conduit, 1,440′ of 5″ secondary power conduit, 10-4’x6″x 8’x6″ enclosures and 5-3’x5′ enclosures.

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