Pole Replacements – Kerckhoff Lake

Project Details

Project Title:  Kerckhoff Pole Replacements
Agency:  Pacific Gas and Electric
Location:  Kerckhoff Lake, CA

Project Description:
This project consisted of hand digging two pole holes 5′ deep by 30″ wide for PG&E.  Although the scope of this project was rather small, the location of the site is what made this a unique project to complete.  Due to the fact that the site was not accessible via truck, the crew was required to have a helicopter transport all equipment needed to complete the job (air compressor, jack hammer, rock drill, etc.)  The next obstacle to overcome was ensuring that the crews could safely get to the site.  Crew members were delivered to the site by boat, where they then had to hike up steep mountainous terrain to get to the pole locations.  Each crew member onsite was required to complete a training course on the fluctuating levels of the Kerckhoff Lake due to the hydroelectric activity.  Amidst all of the challenges presented, MGE was able to complete this project safely, on-time, and under budget, making it a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Thanks to those that led the team: 
Project Manager: Jay Ryan
Superintendent: Travis Leopard
Foreman: Brent Elliott

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