Facebook Phase 1 & 2 BLDG

Project Details

  • Date: March 24, 2015
  • Tags: Electrical Distribution

Project Title: Facebook Phase 1 BLDG 14/16 & 17/18, Phase 2 BLDG 10/11
Agency: PG&E
Location: Menlo Park, CA

Project Description:
This high profile project for PG&E entailed MGE to upgrade and install new power facilities for the ever growing Facebook campus.  MGE installed numerous runs of 6″ conduit, #7 vault boxes and above ground transformer pads. MGE and PG&E coordinated with Facebook to de-energize at specific times to ensure there were no disruptions with Facebook’s high traffic social network. After completion of Phase 1, MGE was awarded Phase 2 of the project. The scope of work for this phase mirrors that of Phase 1, but its location was on the opposite side of the Facebook campus. MGE completed both phases ahead of schedule with all parties satisfied and requesting that MGE be the contractor of choice to come back for future work.

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