Doing what’s right is good business.

Workplace equality is a top concern for businesses, government agencies, regulators, and most importantly, the talented people that companies need in order to be successful.  The facts are clear.  Statistics show that companies who embrace diversity have a competitive advantage that makes them better able to serve their customers.  MGE Underground recognizes the value of supplier diversity as a strategic business decision in our aim to be a socially responsible company. We are committed to pursuing business relationships with women, minority, and disabled veteran business enterprises and to allow them an opportunity to compete for materials and service contacts. We are a for-profit entity and therefore, the overriding goal of the policy is not to be philanthropic, but instead to identify relationships that will provide value to both our company and to the women, minority, and disabled veteran companies.

The objectives of our Supplier Diversity program are as follows:

• Actively and routinely seek out women, minority, and disabled veteran business enterprises that are among the best in their field to provide us with materials and service contracts.

• Conduct outreach programs that are designed to instruct, mentor and help develop the skills and competitiveness of women, minority, and disabled veteran business enterprises.

• Encourage our major suppliers, who are not women, minority, and disabled veteran business enterprises, to participate and support the supplier diversity mindset.

In addition to helping our customers achieve their own diverse subcontracting goals, MGE maintains an in-house mentoring program for subcontractors and suppliers.  Through one-on-one sessions and scheduled events, MGE offers them assistance with everything from developing proper safety procedures to marketing, personnel management and obtaining needed certifications.

Diversity and inclusion lead to innovation, better access to talent and better performance.


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